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pronouns: SHE, THEY or ZE. Ashkenazi (atheist/apostate). Autistics are systematically underemployed due to things like interview problems, academic/work structures designed for people unlike us, frequent misunderstandings and some old-fashioned discrimination. I have never been employed at my skill level and my insurance doesn't cover all my medicine. Help me exist with a donation to 812-741-5133, my Dwolla ID. Banner by telephonoscope - Please stop stealing it without crediting them! - QUEUED POSTS MAY NOT BE TAGGED FOR TRIGGER WARNINGS. Sorry!

Transfeminine, designated male at birth. Autistic, not "person with autism". Tired of feminism. Libertarian communist and revolutionary prison abolitionist, doing my best to stay open-minded and connect with what is generally good and not just good for me. Disabled, working hard and living on charity for now. Vegan. (Mostly beans and rice, almost never quinoa, though it would make dealing with my disabilities and medical needs much easier. Why others focus on vegans' quinoa use eludes me when every quinoa dish I see IRL and every quinoa picture I see on social media has meat in it.)







    check ur privilege


    as if this is a surprise since youre a cis white male

    I got a 25???

    I got 225 is that bad?

    I got 35. Interesting

    nEGATIVE 885

    Ppl please stop taking this test, it generates ad revenue and mocks autistic people and others. It’s a really shitty, vicious, hurtful thing to do to us when we have 85% unemployment and usually get denied for disability insurance. Jfc people.

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      I got -315 which is apparently extremely oppressed
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      50. I did it again but used all the same answers except changed female to male and got 125. I could have been so much...
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      85 Sorry?
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      Apparently I scored 0…
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      -135 well ok
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      -15. Less than I thought.
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      -175 what the hell
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